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Mistakes people make with their interiors

When it comes to curating a beautiful home, there are a lot of little details that have to come together to create the perfect space. Things like achieving balance, having a cohesive theme, and ensuring your furniture is the right scale. That can make the difference between a room that you love and one that just doesn’t feel right.

Take time to develop a plan for your interior design project:

Starting a design project without first making a plan is like driving to an unknown location without looking at a map. You might get to where you want to go in the end, but you will make a lot of wrong turns along the way.

While not all design projects will require scale drawings and a full set of specs, you should always establish a few guidelines before you begin. No matter the size of your project, following a consistent design style and colour palette will ensure the space feels cohesive.

Make a budget list:

Many people fail to realise just how important establishing a solid budget for your design project is. And unfortunately, this is one area that can actually make or break your entire project. If you don’t budget carefully, it’s easy to overspend on a few items and nobody wants that.

Develop an unique style that fits your lifestyle:

Your home should be as unique as you are. And the best way to create an interior that expresses your tastes and individual style is to select each piece carefully. It might seem easier to take a page from your favourite catalogue to guarantee everything in the room matches. But you’ll also get a room that lacks character and interest. Or worse, you might end up with the exact same living room as your neighbour.

Ensure you have plenty of natural and installed lighting:

The trick to ensuring every room in your house is comfortable and well-lit is to make a lighting plan that includes ambient, task, and accent lighting. You can achieve this by layering your lighting at different levels and intensities.

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