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"Charlotte was amazing to work with, she knew how to receive input from different members of my team while also being direct when required. Our new office is amazing, and the team really loves what she’s done with the colors, the style, and the thought that went into the details.

I’d highly recommend her services to others, in fact, I’ve already recommended her services elsewhere."


- Imtiaz Shams


"I never thought a room could look so good! With no interior design skills between us, and a long year stuck in the house, we engaged Charlotte to help us improve our space. She transformed our spare room (previously a storage dump where guests clambered through boxes to sleep) into a light, airy haven of space and Scandi design.


Charlotte completed the project incredibly efficiently through detailed scoping, design, and delivery, and did a great job of listening to our requirements, remaining ever-conscious of budget. The mood boards, floor plans, and budgeting were impressively diverse and professionally prepared, and we love the creativity and ideas she brought, creating new from old, and combining textures and colors to fit a theme. 

The finished product is better than anything I could have imagined, and certainly the best room in the house! Highly recommended."


- Phillipa H

Residential client 

"Charlotte was a godsend during our office moves.

Our demands were unreasonably ambitious and yet she always found a way to deliver, and do so with a smile. 

She really took the time to understand our culture, functional needs, and stylistic preferences and somehow made it work on a startup budget and deadline!"


- Ishaan Malhi

Founder Trussle 

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