Charlotte Bergman

Arranged By Charlotte opened their books in 2020.

Bringing the Swedish design flair to the UK, Charlotte has always had a creative mind to fuel her passion for interior design. Working in a start up where budget, wit and a good eye for details are essential, she oversaw the full fit out of each of the team's brand new offices, each time creating uplifting, funky spaces and uniquely tailored working environments on a tight budget. Since then, she has been taking on both residential projects and commercial spaces for start ups and is expanding into the world of restaurants. 


Charlotte's style is defined by the combination of old and new. Incorporating Scandinavian heritage, modern and minimalistic overtones also blend rich colours and strong industrial pieces to inject life, originality and create a unique brand style.  


From the initial meeting through to the finishing touches on a room or building, clients receive expert guidance throughout the entire design process. Schedule a consultation today and discover the difference Arranged By Charlotte will bring to your interior design.

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