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The home of home ownership

Trussle Lab Ltd

Trussle Lab Ltd moved from a 2500sq ft (232sq m) office to a 5700sq ft (529sq m) office. The team had expanded from 30 to 90 in just a year and needed space for 130 people including meeting rooms, break out space, a dining area and multiple kitchens. 


Charlotte viewed the new office, in Dec 2017.

It was divided into 2 separate office spaces however they were to take the whole floor. Both spaces had multiple meeting rooms and walls separating them. Offering no open space and not refurbished since the early 90s it was in desperate need of some TLC. See the floor plan below of the crowded space.


Once she received the blue print from the landlord she began to knock down almost every wall, opened up the two office spaces. To save money she kept a few meeting rooms plus one room that were to be a relaxing break out space. 


See pictures below. 


It was time for this space to enter 2018 and exit the glorious 90s. 

The carpet which was anything but glorious was changed to a beautiful 20mm hard wearing wooden flooring, the metal beams were painted black. All the walls that had the luck to stay up, was painted white. 


We made a floor plan to fit in 120 desks

1 quiet room for relaxing and meditation

4 meetings rooms

3 kitchens

1 bathroom with shower

1 dining area 

1 break out space

1 recap area that were holding 40 seated personal and a lot of space for chairs around

1 bar with a beer fridge

1 storage room


The meeting rooms all had a different feel to them from Scandi feel to Eames in the 80s with a modern twist. The quiet room was made into an Amazon rainforest with loads of plants as plants have scientific proof to be very calming and can help reduce stress levels. 


Trussle were on a good old start up budget so improvisation and being a bit street savvy was a big perk. We got quoted £30,000 for a 360x400 cm step seating for a recap area. A bit steep for the budget we were working with so we ordered 85 EUR pallets, sanded them down, painted them and built a step seating for a fraction of the price, plus that recycling EUR pallets has a positive impact on the environment. 


Every company has a different ethos and Trussle was very much family orientated. A homely feel was very important to keep in mind for the design. 


The pink logos on the floor, branding, pink frames and the values on the walls.



This is the result.

use 2.jpg
use 3.jpg
Screenshot 2020-10-18 at 20.02.48.png
IMG_6326 (3).HEIC
us 5.jpg
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