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A young, tech savvy company with a love for chickens.

We were contacted by the CEO of, a ten person tech start up in West London who needed help optimising a small but quirky office space. With a budget of only £5,000 we were set up for a challenging yet incredibly enjoyable project.

A rectangle shaped office (344sq ft / 32sq m) with glass windows from floor to ceiling and a sizeable terrace overlooking Ladbroke Grove. 



12 x desks

Kitchen area

Significant storage

Engineering builders table including tool storage

Terrace seating area

Break out dining area

Climbing wall 

Sofa area

Wall hung TV

After trying several different floor plans, we decided to pair up the desks to maximise space and give the sense of "open plan" with an airy feel. With storage space being a priority and large windows on two of the four walls. We had to come up with multiple designs to utilise and optimise this space to its full capacity without compromising on the aesthetics. 

To maximise space we designed and built a storage wall, whilst implementing the TV within the units. We ordered a 1 x 2.5m branded vinyl logo which we positioned above the unit and installed up-lights, highlighting the logo which gave the wall another dimension. 

 We positioned the ten desks in the middle of the space which allowed us to create a small break out area. Shelves were added close to the storage units to create a “small” bar/kitchen area with a microwave.

We ordered 9 x euro sized pallets, sanding, painting and installing to create a quirky yet comfortable seating area on the balcony. We then added a large outdoor umbrella and potted a mixture of palms, lavender and Virginia creepers to give the sense of a calm yet exotic space to escape the hectic start-up life. Soft seating, cushions and an outdoor rug were also added to extend the break out space onto the big terrace.

Due to urgent nature of this requirement, we completed the project from start to finish in just 15 days.

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