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Residential home

A splurge of colour

This gem is located in Crystal Palace where this lovely Canadian couple bought their first home in  the UK. They will move in, in late February and asked ABC to design their living room and 2 bedrooms. One of the bedrooms will act as a study, guest room, and home gym. The couple wanted a minimalistic, classy and cosy home with plenty of storage. 

They asked for smart storage, desk space for both of them incorporated in the guest bedroom and the living room. We planned for wardrobes in both main bedroom and the spare bedroom, chest of drawers and under bed storage to maximise the space without making it feel cluttered. 

The living room will have a dark dusty teal wall colour, Scandinavian dining area with a Jute rug and a big statement lamp. The sofa is yet to be decided as we're going over colours as we speak. Leaning towards a rusty colour or a yellow sofa. Black wooden coffee table with smart storage inside.


The bedroom will be a terracotta wall colour with feelings of Mexico. A calm, relaxing space for rest and reflection. A black metal bed with black bed side tables and raw material of wood for the chest of drawers. A cosy seating area for reading books and a big plant to bring the outside in. 

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