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A crazy mix of beauty

The home of the founder

Charlotte and her partner Alex bought this odd, wonky and totally wonderful space in Aug 2018. It's a 1 bedroom flat located in Brixton Hill. 945 sq ft (87 sqm) big with open space and different levels makes this space quite unique. It certainly does not fit the mould of the many other Victorian converted houses in the area. 

As they lived in a small flat with a completely different feel to it, it took almost 1 year to get it to what it is today as every piece of furniture is carefully sourced from vintage fairs, travels, vintage stores or car boot sales. Almost everything in their house has a life long story, often longer than they have been around. 

The feel of the flat is a very mixed vibe, cosy and homely. Industrial metals and Arabic textiles meet vintage wood and mid century designer furniture. It's all in a whirl of cosy and warm. Charlotte's principal aim is that every person that enters her home should feel at home instantly, instilling feelings of inspiration and curiosity.

A lot of DIY and up-cycling has been done to add to give Charlotte's home it unique vibe. 

The shelves in the kitchen are used scaffolding with a soft stain and oiled. Retailing at £90 per shelf without the brackets on Etsy or similar, Charlotte found another way. By sourcing raw materials, this came in at £25 for all 3 shelves, after which Charlotte got to work to to measure, sand, stain and oil until the same colour as the table appeared. She also bought handmade brackets from a "metal bender" in Kent. The result: substantial savings, learned how to stain wood and had a great time doing it. 

Charlotte was on the lookout for a super yellow chest of drawers from the french antique area. That was obviously easier said than done. Never defeated, she sourced a less than desirable green chest of drawers and painted it yellow and it works perfectly into their monochrome hallway.

All terracotta pots are sourced from vintage fairs and should be at least 30-50 years old, some of the oldest are from 1920s. Which makes the 59 plants in their home feel like part of the family for sure. 

Mixing hard, soft, matt, glossy, warm and cold, Charlotte's designs make this space fun both day and night. 

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